Batik Day at office

Hi Pals!

Kali ini postingan saya bukan tentang fiksi, tapi tentang Batik Day yang diperingati 2 Oktober lalu (I know it’s kinda late, tapi gapapa lah ya… semangatnya masih kerasa kok, haha*ngeles* :p)

So, batik is cloth that traditionally made using wax and dyeing technique, all manually. There are a lot of batik variation in Indonesia. Even in Java itself, there are many batik themes according to each region. Each theme of batik is really special till I can’t write it down here (especially in English *sorry for my bad English*). But hey, you can come to Indonesia if you wanna see our batik. Just for information (which everyone probably know already =.=”), UNESCO has approved batik as Indonesian culture heritage on 2009. Great isn’t it? Now we don’t have to worry if another country want to claim batik as their culture.

Anyway, that’s a little thing about batik. Actually I wanna show you how my work-mate celebrate the Batik Day. Yup! We wear batik, all of us! 😀

This is how everyone show off their batik, LOL

Batik Day at Kapanlagi office Malang (photo by: R Fajar Yudhistira)

And this is my team mate (requested by Fajarembun)

Merdeka Malang team in batik style (nice photo editing by: Dwi Andi Soesanto)

Can you find me? 😉

Somehow, when we all wear batik the other day, there is a proud feeling in me. The batik is so beautiful, authentic, and sooo Indonesia. Actually I won’t mind to wear it more often to office. If only I have more batik cloths at home, I only have one 😥

So, what about you guys? have you ever wear batik clothes or anything in batik style? Share it, I’d love to read your batik story 😀

#wanna learn to paint batik >.<
Silananda – 04 Oktober 2012


2 thoughts on “Batik Day at office

  1. wah mba, kampusku juga menerapkan pake batik di national batik’s day. ada beberapa temanku yang lupa pake batik dan dihukum untuk bilang “aku cinta batik indonesia” sebanyak 50 kali 😀 kocak deh
    btw, fotonya bagusss 😀

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